Services and Pricing

We provide prompt, effective, and individualized Customer Support.

We do not use automated or canned responses for customer support. We don't outsource to cheap labor halfway across the world. We do not employ a 'ticket' system. You will never be lost in the cracks.

Your customer support liaison will be me, the owner. I am a native English speaker, with an MBA from one of the top 20 US business schools (UT-Austin), and 30+ years of working in and around the IT field. Clients are given my Business Cell phone number for 24/7 access.

I enjoy coding almost as much as I do talking with clients about their business.

Looking forward to working with you,

Internet Design Alliance

Our Drupal Services and their prices

Q: Will you provide Drupal Management on my server?

A: (tl;dr:) Yes. Minimum charge, $400 per Quarter.
A: Learning your server is a time sink, so it will cost almost as much as if you had hosted with us. We have such economies of scale, that hosting is a near trivial cost to us, as such, if you are using something other than WHM/cPanel at another host, we will have to charge you more than if you had hosted with us. See also: cPanel / SSH access. If you really wish this, click Contact above and we'll provide you with a quote.