Drupal Data Migration

Do you need data migrated into your Drupal website? What about conversion and insert scripts?

We offer a range of services from data migration to site building.

We can build you a brand new site or transfer your old site into Drupal.

Having completed numerous projects for Dell, Exxon, and a diverse selection of smaller companies, we have the skills and knowledge to successfully complete your project.

(Without data loss!)

The cheapest way, as long as you value your own time, has always been custom PHP and MySQL using Drupal APIs to load your new site.

We've written both direct MySQL injection scripts and Drupal API migration code.

The largest customer migration code we've written was for 25,000+ users and over 100,000 images. Your 10,000 nodes isn't a problem.

Our minimum bid is US $1,000. Most of which is for quality assurance (QA), making sure bit 'A' in the old site has properly made it to bit 'A' in your new site.

There are several ways to approach the data mapping, the easiest way we've found for a client is to have you do screen prints of both the old site and the new site, have you mark “A,” “B,” “C,” etc. on both to link the data, and then email us a scan.

It generally doesn't take too long, we just need the tar balls of the new site, the tar balls of the old site (or .csv datafiles), and the mappings.

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Please fill out what you can, along with rough estimates, of the below and include it in your Message for a Quote Request:

Old Site:

What's the site URL:
How many content types:
How many content types have an entity reference:
Total fields:
Total records:
How many .csv files are there:

New Site:

What's the site URL:
How many content types:
How many content types have an entity reference:
Total fields:
Total records:

You can find most of this information at*:

D5: /admin/content/types >> edit
D6: /admin/content/types >> manage fields
D7: /admin/structure/types >> manage fields

*Depending on if you have cck installed.

What is Data Migration?

A minimum level of programmatic data migration includes data extraction, which involves reading data from the old system, and data loading or writing data to the new system.  Full programmatic data migration may include many additional phases.

Once data has been loaded on the new system, data verification (Quality Assurance / QA) is necessary to insure that the data transfer was complete and accurate and verified in the new system.  Quality Assurance steps includes running both systems simultaneously in development environments to allow identification of any changes in the data or possible areas of data loss.

Each phase of data migration (design, extraction, cleansing, loading, verification) is generally repeated several times before deploying the new system.

Don't value your time?

If you don't value your time and want to do it yourself, go explore Feeds or you can modify the script we published on Drupal.org.

[Last Updated: 2014-02-11]