About Us

Hello There,

I'm Michael, the owner, and you want to know a bit about me and my firm?

My prior employers include Dell and Exxon, with prior clients including MasterCard International. In the '80 I was in the US Army, where I had a Top Secret (Special Background Investigation) security clearance.

I started Internet Design Alliance in 1996, and started working Drupal in 2005 (Drupal v 4.7).

I provide exemplary Backend development and maintenance, including custom PHP and custom Drupal modules. I do minor front-end work, generally cleanup and tweaks. Extensive front-end development I either outsource to those I know in the Drupal community, or provide guidance, as desired, to a client in selecting a reputable front-end developer.

I can also help with monetization. I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA ‘99) from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas--Austin. Upon graduation, ranked 16 positions below Harvard. Since 1990 UT Austin McCombs has nationally placed between 15th and 24th of the top business schools in the US. [1]

I understand QA (Quality Assurance) and practice it extensively. Changes, modifications, and enhancements are done in their own, isolated testing environments and only rolled out to production systems when the client is happy with the results.

Each client is unique, and I solve your needs based upon your requirements. And to do that I go above and beyond what a traditional Developer / Hosting provider will do.

As a senior developer my established client bill rate is $80/hour, but you won't be charged the 3 hours it takes a journeymen or junior developer to do what I do in one hour. I'm also willing to take your call 24/7 and make critical fixes immediately. (But, please try not to call at 2 am unless it's an emergency.)

My job, as both an MBA and your web developer, is to offer you suggestions that have the potential for making your business thrive, voice concerns over possible problems, and then devote my efforts to making your decisions a success.

Looking forward to working with you,

Internet Design Alliance, owner
Emergency calls: 24x7

Other information that may be useful:

A short list of hosts I've interfaced with: Rackspace, Hivelocity, HostColor, HostGator, 1&1, Bluehost, JustHost, Media Temple, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and a slew of the tiny players in the market ...

My first use of a hex editor was in 1980, continuing on to COBOL, FORTRAN, Assembly, Pascal, BASIC, CASE Tools, FoxPro, Visual Basic, {a bunch I've thankfully forgotten}, Python, Bash, and ending up at Linux (CentOS and Debian derivatives), Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Drupal.

Things I thought were fun (but maybe not useful for deciding to hire us):

I have created project plans for building a modular, biointensive, terra preta, greenhouse farming operation. Projected gross income of $10,000 per month per greenhouse module (~30' x 40').

I helped convert a diesel Ford F350 to run on waste vegetable oil.

I was the (only) assistant in building a car from the ground up, a remake of a 1929 Ford Roadster. Classic Car

Classic Car
Classic Car
Classic Car

I enjoy sailing fast enough that water comes in over the side (in a '69 Catalina 22 of all things).

I have also lived in these countries: Honduras, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. With the short list of countries I've travelled through: France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, plus a few others, some of which no longer exist.