What are the top Six Drupal Modules in 2015?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal uses the modular approach and created the different modules for an extra-ordinary user experience. Most Drupal love this concept of plugins or modules and wanted to implement in their websites. The benefit of these modules is enormous and helps to maintain security, helps in SEO contents and much more.


Views are the common Drupal module and it is used by most people. This is the must for every Drupal programmer and helps with easy displaying of images. The content gets displayed easier and helps the Drupal developer to display things at the right order.


If you have e-commerce website and you have Drupal installed then this is the first module to install. Look out for Ubercart which helps more in carting services. Shopping becomes easy with Uber cart and most e-commerce websites have this module installed. There is also a separate Drupal commerce to keep you going with your shopping.

Backup and migrate

This is the important module which can help for easy migrating and backup of data. When you have a Drupal installation, it becomes tough to make installation. Backup and Migrate is the simple and most advanced way to back up your Drupal installation. This helps to save, restore and transfer data from site to site in quicker steps.


Webform module helps you greatly in adding the webform for your site. You can add contact us or feedback section to make your webforms work easily and help to add database content easily. This is the easily way to start and saves a lot of time for you.

Google analytics

Google analytics is the first and foremost module to add in your Drupal installation. This helps greatly tracking the clicks for your website. Google analytics has the complete control about the clicks, the number of visitors and much more. Adwords helps to identify which keyword ranks the best and which keyword can the customer install to get more leads.

Xml sitemap

Adding an Xml sitemap can help to index your website better. Without Xml sitemap, the website does not have reliability and doesn?t have a PageRank. It is therefore completely important to include the xml sitemap for your website. And this module keeps your website under control staying with the up to date information.

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