How can you improve the Drupal performance?

  • Posted on: 24 June 2015
  • By: Staff

Drupal is the popular content management system and around 5 percent of the web development projects run using Drupal. It is necessary to improve the performance and the speed of Drupal for the advantage of readers and improve the website. But the reality most websites run with lower performing Drupal. Let us look at the steps on how to improve the Drupal performance.

Remove unwanted modules

Most people include more modules for installation and it takes up the junk space. It is never possible to run Drupal with more modules that aren?t necessary. Look out for the modules that are vital while the other can be removed from the admin panel. Modules occupy more memory and it is always necessary to keep the unwanted memory occupying modules removed to improve the speed of performance. More modules cause the lagging in displaying the content and users get annoyed or bored easily.

Turn on the cache

Drupal has an in-built cache option that can help you improve the speed of performance. Most first time users forget to install the cache option from the performance tab. Enabling the cache can help you sync the database contents faster and retrieving the data will become faster. If you don?t need Drupal to store your cached data, it is good to clear all caches.


Installing the Boost module in Drupal can actually help you get more speed for your page. You can access htaccess and robots.txt page also to get detailed information of the speed of performance. This is a must module to install when you are using the CSS and HTML programming languages. This can increase the speed to more than 100 percentages from the existing one.


MongoDB is the new Nosql database that can help to improve the performance speed. Forget about the caching process and storing the database. Using MongoDB can improve the performance at a greater pace and quicker time. SQL has been in the market for more than 20 years and now, it is time to switch to another database which can be faster and easier handling any form of data.

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